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Diesel generator maintenance training diesel engine -p8-p11 diesel engine

Diesel Generator maintenance training diesel engine -p8-p11 diesel engine usage precautions diesel Generator | diesel generator price / 2017-12-19

Diesel generator maintenance training diesel engine articles -p8-p11 diesel engine use matters needing attention

Second, diesel generator diesel engine use precautions When using the diesel engine should pay attention to the following matters:

1. After the Diesel Generator Set's diesel engine is started at a low temperature, the speed increase should be as slow as possible. After the diesel engine is started at a low temperature, there must be a process to increase the oil pressure. In this process, the moving parts of the diesel engine are not sufficiently lubricated. If the speed is increased rapidly, the bearing, the cylinder liner, and other components may be lubricated. The wear of the components is exacerbated, and direct loading can also cause damage to the combustion chamber and other components.

2. Different grades of oil cannot be mixed. Different brands of oil viscosity index is not the same, its kinematic viscosity, moisture content and the use of ambient temperature are different, it is not allowed to use cA class oil and cc class oil mixed or pressurized and non-supercharged oil mixed use.

3. It is not allowed to open the tank pressure cover during heavy-duty operation of the diesel engine. Because the diesel engine is running at heavy load, the water temperature is often too high, which can easily cause steam injury.

4. The diesel used in diesel engines must be purified. If too much mechanical impurities are mixed in the diesel fuel, the wear of the pumping parts and the inner parts of the fuel injectors will be aggravated. In severe cases, the moving parts will be stuck and the oil supply to the cylinders of the high pressure oil pump will be uneven. , power drop, and diesel consumption increase.

5. It is not allowed to idle for a long time after starting the diesel engine. After starting the diesel engine, if it is idle for a long time, the combustion of diesel fuel into the combustion chamber will be insufficient, resulting in excessive carbon deposition and clogging of the internal components of the injector. This will also cause internal condensation of the valve seat and the piston ring. Wait. The idle running time of the diesel engine should not exceed 8I blood 9 in general.

6. The diesel generator diesel engine newly purchased or overhauled must have a certain running-in period. The running-in period of a vehicle diesel engine is generally about 25 cycles, and the running-in period of a diesel engine equipped with a diesel-cylinder generator is generally about 70 hours.

7. The diesel engine must check the quality and quantity of the oil before starting it. The addition of oil must meet the technical requirements. Under normal circumstances, the surface of the oil should be on the full scale of the oil scale before the operation of the diesel engine. During operation, it should be at full scale. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be added in time.

Chapter 2 Look at the figure

main content:

1. Introduce the composition and troubleshooting of diesel engine's muscle and cylinder head assembly; 2. Introduce the composition and troubleshooting of the diesel engine's Qushi Lianwu 6R valve; 3. Introduce the composition of the diesel engine's gas distribution valve and the helium inlet system. Fault repair method; 4. Introduce the composition and fault repair method of diesel fuel supply system; 5 Introduce the composition and fault repair method of diesel muscle lubrication system; 6 Introduce the composition and fault detection methods of diesel 6R system; Introduce the composition of the diesel 6n electric starting system and the fault repair method and the use of commonly used instruments.

Section 1 Body and Cylinder Head Assembly

The airframe and cylinder head assembly is the skeleton that supports and fixes the crank linkage mechanism, the air distribution mechanism and other devices. It is mainly composed of a body, a cylinder head, a cylinder head gasket, a cylinder liner and a crankcase.

First, the body

The body is the main body of the diesel generator diesel engine, and it is the skeleton that installs the fixed parts and moving parts of the diesel engine. The body is divided into multiple cylinders and single cylinders. The body is generally cast from gray cast iron or aluminum alloy. The diesel engine cast with gray cast iron is generally a multi-cylinder diesel engine. The individual single-cylinder diesel engine is cast from aluminum alloy. In order to easily dissipate the heat generated inside the body, water jackets are generally cast inside.

1. Steam trap arrangement

The cylinder arrangement of diesel generator multi-cylinder diesel engine generally has two types: in-line and v-arrangement. Its physical appearance is shown in Figure 2-1. Most of the 2, 4, and 6-cylinder diesel engines use in-line diesel engines. Most diesel engines with more than eight cylinders use v-arrangement.

2. The role of various parts of the body

The window shown in Figure 2-2 can be used to remove the piston rod assembly, replace the connecting rod bush, remove and disassemble the removable oil pump to rent the filter, check the crankshaft and the main bearing, and check the inside of the machine for leaks.

The window shown in Fig. 2.3 can be used when installing and removing the valve lifter. The bolts on the body are used exclusively for fastening the cylinder head.

As shown in Figure 2-5, the high pressure oil pump assembly fixing bracket is designed for installation of high pressure oil pump assembly. The power output from the fuel injection pump gear is transmitted to the high-pressure oil pump through the transmission linkage to drive the high-pressure oil pump to rotate.

As shown in Figure 2-1 (a). The cooling water delivered by the string's upper hole in the body enters the cylinder head through the cylinder pad.

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