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Diesel generator set maintenance training

Diesel Generator Set maintenance training diesel engine -p107-p120 Diesel engine integral assembly disassembly Diesel Generator | Diesel Generator price / 2018-01-17
Diesel generator set maintenance training diesel engine parts -p107-p120 Diesel engine integral parts disassembly
VI. Demolition of the integral parts of the diesel engine

Diesel Generator The above-disassembled diesel engine components are basically assembly components such as a cylinder head assembly, a piston rod assembly, and the like.

During the repair of a diesel engine, the cylinder head assembly and the piston rod assembly are generally vulnerable. The following describes how to remove the spare parts in these two types of components.

1. Disassembly of parts in cylinder head assembly

The specific operation of the diesel generator is as follows:

1 Place the removed cylinder head flat on the belly or board, then use a special factory tool set to screw on the matching nut of the screw school, and then use an open-end wrench to turn the nut so that the special tool is moved down, and the piece is as shown in Figure 3-27. As shown.

2 After unscrewing the nut, remove the special tool, and then remove the valve spring upper seat lock spring and the gasification system label in order, indicating that it is the third cylinder part.

3 When removing the valve spring, it can also be removed with a long screwdriver. Rocker seat bolts until the valve lock is removed.

5 The valve seat ring is generally not easily damaged during use. If it must be replaced after inspection, special tools can be used to remove it. In the absence of a special tool, the valve seat can also be pushed out by a simple tool made of the replaced old valve. The method is: the old valve head is ground into a disc smaller than the inner diameter of the valve seat, and then two pieces of material are symmetrically cut on the disc to make a simple tool as shown in Fig. 3-28.

6 When detached, symmetrical on the inner wall of the valve seat ring

The diesel generator sets are welded to two points (see Figure 3-29), and then the valve stem is inserted into the valve guide and rotated to allow the valve head to pass through two welding points and then rotated a certain purchase angle, the valve head end face With two welding points, the end of the valve stem is hit with a hammer, and the valve seat is pushed out. The valve seat can also be removed by tapping the inner diameter of the valve seat ring.

6 When removing the valve guide, special tools can be used to get it out. If the gap between the valve stem and the conduit is between 0.035 and 0.25mm, 2. The disassembly of the components in the piston rod assembly generally does not require disassembly of the valve guide.

Before disassembling the piston pin, the diesel generator set shall first take off the lock on both sides of the piston pin, then heat the piston connecting rod assembly in an oven or oil to about 110 DEG C., and then tap the piston pin with a wooden stick to remove the piston pin. under.

Piston rings can be removed using a strap made of wire or wire.

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